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February 1: Andy Samuels birthday. Liam and Sophia are both present, this picture is taken which is the earliest picture I’m aware of in which both of them are in the same picture:


May 29: Liam is seen shopping in Manchester with his sister Nicola and Sophie, who was unidentified at the time. Pictures: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x).

June 2: Liam is seen with an unidentified girl at the zoo:


July 16: Sophia and Liam were at the Funky Buddha:


August 9: Sophia was photographednext to Eleanor and Andy at a 1D concert. Pictures: (x), (x), (x).

August 10: Liam goes to Shamrock tattoo with Sophia, his mom, his sister Nicola, Zayn, Louis, Eleanor [and Michael and Calum from 5SOS]. He is photographed with her in the car when they leave. Pictures: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x).

August 12: @ashpash_yolo and a friend meet Liam in Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills and @ashpash_yolo tweets this picture. I’ll note that Rodeo Drive is a place celebrities are known to shop at (x), so if you’re famous and go shopping at Rodeo Drive, you’re expecting to be seen (Louis and Eleanor were spotted at Rodeo Drive as well on the next day).
@ashpash_yolo’s friend, @ilovepinkberrry, says that Liam was rude because he wouldn’t take a picture. Liam responds to @ilovepinkberrry in a series of tweets that were later deleted but can be found here. I believe one of the two girls said something about Liam holding hands with a girl because there’s this tweet,but I’m not willing to sort through the drama of that twitter feed to find out.

August 14: @ashpash_yolo tweets this picture she took on the same encounter that shows Liam holding hands with a girl. This begins a fandom frenzy to figure out who Liam is dating. Given that we also have pictures of Sophia in the car with Liam and his family from August 10, fandom deduces that Sophia is his new girlfriend. Sophia is quite recognizable in the car pictures, and people figure out who she is pretty quickly because she’s a regular at funky buddha so she’s seen out a lot around Liam’s friends. Fandom proceeds to stalk the entire internet to find every picture taken of her that they can and put it on Tumblr.

August 15: Liam flies back to London and goes to Funky Buddha, Sophia is also there. Pictures: (x), (x).

August 18: Liam calls out a fake Sophia account on Twitter (Sophia’s real account is private):


Pretty much all major news outlets report that according to ~a source close to the singer~ Liam and Sophia are dating. The origin of this report is this Mirror article here. I take this as legit because if this weren’t true (or Modest didn’t want you to think this was true) you would have 1D’s PR denying it in news articles somewhere, and they haven’t. (…)

August 19: Liam confirms to Yahoo! omg! that he has a new girlfriend (x).

August 20: “This is Us” movie premiere. Sophie and Liam seen giving hand at the after-party. Pictures: (x), (x).

In conclusion, Liam has a new beard. BlindGossip indirectly told us he was going to have one: “So the fake publicity proposal didn’t work in this case because Liam stood up to Modest. Will Modest try to talk another band member into a fake engagement? What other kind of publicity stunts will Modest pull? You’ll see soon enough…" (x).

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