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Modest! Management a.k.a. One Direction’s Management Masterpost

Every single person should read this (it is a ships-free post).

Hello. For those who don’t know me already, I’m Cheshire and I’m the owner of this Tumblr.
In the 30th of April this Tumblr was born, because of reasons that are in the “About the Tumblr" (if you haven’t read it, please read now). Back then, management wasn’t the popular topic that is today in the One Direction fandom. I definitely did not view Modest! Management as a bad management company back then, as I wrote in my 1st "About the Tumblr" that my aim with this Tumblr was "to get the management’s attention; to get them to see that some things they have done recently shouldn’t have been done, in our very honest opinion (and it will also work as preventing future ‘mistakes’); “wake-up call.”" and added "what management was/is doing is stupid. IT DOES NOT MEAN we’re not thankful for all the other things they have done, because we are (and they have done a great job), and IT DOES NOT MEAN they don’t try their best and don’t have their best interests, we just think that some of the things they did and are still doing are not correct." because, first of all, when 1D were famous only in the UK they had a lot of freedom (so we can assume that management, in the beginning, did a good job), second of all, because I didn’t want to think that they were doing/did those things only because of their selfish interests since there was no proof to back-up that, and third of all, because I had no idea whether they knew that the fans didn’t agree with some of the things they did/were doing (meaning that they could not know outsider opinions) and it could’ve been possible that the reasons why they were doing those things were because they didn’t expect 1D to get so big so they’d have lost a bit their control (x). In the beginning, I wanted to get their attention towards my Tumblr by “(…) trending topics on twitter, ‘spamming’ 1D and their friends/family on Twitter with this Tumblr/a specific TT, and much more." because I thought that it would be the only way to get them to know about this Tumblr’s existence and think about an opinion that many fans have in common, and in everything I typed in here I would always be very respectful towards them, but as time went by stuff [towards and related to One Direction] happened that made me come to the conclusion that Modest! Management is a bad management company, meaning that I stopped being respectful and polite towards them and although I still want to [, for example,] trend topics on Twitter, it is not for the same reasons that I had before. This masterpost will not only explain why Modest! Management is a bad management company but also how the entertainment world actually works, and it is important to understand that a big part of the things that Modest! Management do are considered normal and necessary by the majority of the management companies and/or PR companies.

I am seriously happy that management is now a very, very famous topic amongst the 1D fandom. I did my research before creating this Tumblr and I can tell you that we were the first Tumblr ever to exist about/against 1D’s management and, like I said before, fans back then would rarely speak about management [on Twitter, Tumblr, etc] but once we created this Tumblr, more or less a month after there were already one or two Tumblrs particularly about management and some fans emailed management their complaints. This Tumblr has grown a lot since then, achieving one of its aims (an aim that was only created when I found out that Modest! do suck) that is to educate people on how the entertainment industry really works, meaning that there are currently loads of Tumblrs and Twitters that talk about management (in particular and not in particular; some even have management-related URLs/usernames), a lot of people have emailed management their complaints, (x), (x), (x), and if you type “@ModestMgmt" on Twitter’s search bar you’ll see the type of mentions that they receive.

- Management team: The important body that every single celebrity needs to have who is responsible for publicity, promotion, scheduling, image, digital marketing, day-to-day activities, etc; in other words, they plan, organise, direct and control all the essential activities of the celebrities. They aim to achieve high sales, maximum profits, business expansion, etc. They have a contract with the celebrities.
- PR (Public Relations): The body responsible for creating the right image by using the media, so the message gets across. The message itself is the one that is most useful to the success of the celebrity, company, charity, etc. There is definite communication between management and PR, management can tell PR what they want and they will handle it or management can hire PR people.
- Record label: The body responsible for the making of the music and everything related to the music (music recordings, music videos, enforcement of copyright protection of the music, etc). They maintain a contract with recording artists and their management.

- Contract: A legally enforceable promise or agreement between two or more parties that creates for each party a duty to do something and a duty to not do something. For a contract to be valid, a party must have capacity to contract (for ex, individuals suffering from severe mental illness are unable to contract), the purpose of the contract must be lawful, the form of the contract must be legal and the parties must consent. All contracts have an expiration date. If a party breaks the contract, the other party/parties can put legal action on the party that broke it.

- Publicity stunt: A planned event designed to attract the public’s attention to the event’s organisers. Publicity stunts can be professionally organised or set up by amateurs. These events are frequently used by advertisers, celebrities, athletes, and politicians.
Beard: Slang for person who is used as a date, romantic partner (boyfriend or girlfriend), or spouse either to conceal infidelity or to conceal one’s sexual orientation. Sometimes paid and aware of it, other times not paid and not aware of it.
- Paparazzi: Freelance photographers who sell photographs of celebrities to the media. They’re known as the ones who follow celebrities and attempt to obtain candid photographs. They can be paid to take photographs of specific people.
- TabloidsA newspaper of small format giving lurid and/or sensational news in a summarised form, with illustrations.
- Media: The means of communication (for ex: radio, television, newspapers, magazines) that reach or influence people widely.

Simon Cowell owns the The X-Factor show, which is where One Direction were formed, and owns Syco, which is One Direction’s record label. Simon uses Syco as the record label of the talents that come from TXF and used Modest! Management as the management company that received the talents that came from TXF. Modest! Management have a 5 year contract with One Direction (x), (x), which was signed in 2010, and receive heaps of money for managing them. One Direction are considered the most famous boyband worldwide.

Note: What you’re about to read was divided into topics and sub-topics and was organised in the best way possible, better than this couldn’t be done because everything is related in some way. We hope you make the necessary connections in your head in order to understand everything, if you have questions please ask us.

Management’s doings media-wise:
Television > Nickelodean
Read all of it: (x)
They’ve become huge without Nickelodeon already, if they needed to be on TV again couldn’t they just have done another documentary? We would prefer that to risking having them lose both their personalities and the respect of anyone older than 15 by going on a Nickelodeon tv show. If they needed a show they could’ve gone, at least, on MTV, where people will actually like and respect them. If they aren’t famous amongst children, although the income would be a bit less (but not anything exaggerated), at least they would be happy about their job because they could be themselves. (x)

Radio > Radio Disney
Read all of it: (x)
There are loads of other radio stations that are even a lot more popular than Radio Disney, so why Radio Disney? It only involves the risk of having them lose both their personalities and respect of anyone older than 15. If they aren’t famous amongst children, although the income would be a bit less (but not anything exaggerated), at least they would be happy about their job because they could be themselves.

So, if One Direction are like this (x) & (x) (these are just examples), because of Nickelodean and Radio Disney this happened (x) & (x), (x), meaning that they couldn’t be themselves for awhile (and just by the way, (x)).

Magazines/online magazines/newspapers/online newspapers (including interviews)
(ignore the Larry part) (x), (x), (x), they focus on what sells (x), (x) & (x), (x), yes Demi knows what’s uP (x) & examples of how management control interviews (x), (x) & (ignore the Larry & Elounor part) (x), (x) & (x) & since you know how paparazzi work (x), (x). (x).
Example of how magazines lie to make profit: Sugarscape did an article about something that wasn’t true = (x) & (x).
Example of how magazines are paid to lie: Although Harry is known as the flirt of the band and has said in interviews that he loves girls, he has also said that he doesn’t like to objectify women and even that he’s not a womanizer (x), meaning that him being a womanizer might be simply an image that management wants to show off in him (x), since he’s very popular amongst the girls, to create buzz and keep his name in the tabloids and to give publicity to the women he’s linked to (x) (two publicity stunts in one single action). In here (x), they were passing the message of Harry being a womanizer the wrong way because they were too exaggerated and it only caused him to receive a LOT of hate, so, not only they’re making something out of Harry that he isn’t (meaning that he’s lying to everybody about who he is) but they also ended up making the person that said “I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that didn’t care that much about what people thought of them , but I just dont think I am." get hated on (x).
And not only magazines lie to make profit and are paid to lie, they are also paid to stay quiet.

Social networking websites > Twitter [and Facebook]
(x), (x), (x), (x), stop reading at “MGMT claim #2” (x) & fans couldn’t know about a tattoo? (x) & (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x) and OH LOOK at what happened when people were analysing her tweets (x), (x) and oh (x), (x), (x) & (x) & (x) they weren’t tweeted by him because (ignore the Larry part) (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), it looked like as if he was saying that being gay is wrong and then things started to get very shitty (x), (x) (and these last two links were just examples), (x), (x) they contacted us before these tweets happened (long story) and it wasn’t the first time they contacted fans and I’m mentioning this because (x), (x), (x), (x) basically they started to hack and/or contact fans, (x), (x), (x) and he lost a million followers, (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), Harry’s friend confirms that it was management but doesn’t understand that Louis’ powerless so thinks he also has some involvement in it (x) & (x) & (x), do not click in the links on the post (x).
So, this is where it starts to get a lot more intense. I’m going to talk about 2 things in here: Modest!’s relationship with fans and Louis.
Modest!’s relationship with fans — In the beginning of this Tumblr, like I said before, a few fans emailed management their complaints (I read some of the emails that were sent and they were polite, I think one even mentioned this Tumblr) meaning that Modest! did end up knowing (if they didn’t know before) what fans thought about some of their actions (even if this Tumblr wasn’t mentioned in the emails, this (x) was sent to us in the beginning of the Tumblr) and they didn’t do anything about them; as you can see, they have only done worse over time (what happened to Rebecca Ferguson proved that they’re just mean, it was what stopped us from addressing them in a respectful way).
As this Tumblr became more popular more and more fans would email Modest!, but back then nothing would happen to them besides getting a reply or not, but now, since they have been screwing up a LOT, they’re desperate so they sometimes end up hacking, contacting and/or deleting email, Twitter and Tumblr accounts that spill the truth/state negative opinions about them. The only reason I’m not posting here the conversation I had with Modest! is because I mention a ship, but they contacted me after a long time of running this Tumblr (I think they didn’t contact me right in the beginning because they thought I would get bored and quit having the Tumblr) and it wasn’t through hacking me or finding out my email because they don’t stand a chance with me, but they were basically trying to stop me from running this Tumblr by trying to make me scared [which is something that I’m not].
The fact that they tweeted ‘Larry is the biggest bullshit’ from Louis’ account also says a lot about them, they’re homophobic. They knew that there were innocent, very emotional and insecure teenagers (even lgbt) that were going to receive death threats and a lot of hate for it (and in case of the lgbt, there was a possibility of them starting to feel bad about themselves), fans started to self-harm and a few even committed suicide. Even when some people sent them mannerly and proper emails addressing the tweet, they still didn’t do anything about the situation, not even a public apology, they just blamed it all on Louis. They are the mature, responsible and professional adults in here, they have the experience so they knew what would happen if they did something like that, and even when they were directly reminded about the seriousness of the situation they still did nothing about it. Even after all of this happened, they tweeted from Stan’s Twitter account what they tweeted and only to look realistic.
Summarising what I just typed in, Modest! don’t care about the well-being of the fans and they surely don’t take their opinions into account (which only proves that they’re dumb because we’re the ones who give them the money so our opinions should count).
Modest!’s relationship with Louis — As you could see, he is management’s biggest puppet and, therefore, the one with the worse reputation in One Direction (x). The reason why Louis is the chosen one is because he is a sassy individual with a strong personality (which of the other boys would have been believable calling out Rebecca for complaining? Liam’s too ‘sweet’, Niall’s too ‘carefree’, and Harry and Zayn don’t ever use twitter for serious purposes). These three events (the tweets to Rebecca + the tweet “Larry is the biggest bullshit” + Stan telling off Larry shippers on Twitter) weren’t beneficial for Louis, for the band and for management at all; instead, they only made Louis be known as rude, insensitive, immature, homophobic and mean, made him and the band lose a LOT of fans (including followers on Twitter) and made Modest! look like a shitty management company for not preventing this situation from happening. This isn’t good for the band’s success (since it makes one of its members look bad) and this isn’t good for Louis’ mental health (because he feels like his fans hate him and they hate him for somebody that he’s not and he needs to keep his mouth shut about this or else he gets in trouble (x), (x), this pressure isn’t good). Also, read this (x) and look how he was showing signs of breaking (x) and look how he recently broke (note that I’m talking about LOUIS, not Elounor) (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), “And if he does, then the rest of the boys will too." his best friend’s turn (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), oh yes Louis liKES MANAGEMENT (x) OH (x), (x), (x), (x), and for you to get some Louis feels see this (x), this (x), this (x), this (x), look at how precious he is (x) so humBLE, sO LOVELY WITH HIS FANS (x), hIS FACE (x), ok I think you got the point.
& (x) & these show their incompetence with the simplest things: (x), (x), (x) & (x), (x).

Management’s doings non-media-wise:
To over-work clients and not care about their physical and mental health
(x), (x), in 2012 they booked out all of next year with concerts, ”About the Tumblr“‘s second paragraph (with lots of cuts) “when they started touring in the USA, management was treating them like little robots. They made them work to exhaustion, they didn’t understand that it was something still very new to them at that time and that they needed to do this in one step at a time as they lacked excitement, looked very tired (they were doing so many things at such a fast rate) and were homesick (I didn’t mention that in signings they weren’t as excited and looked skinnier), showing visible signs of needing a break, and not from one moment to another do three tours in a row - I mean, for example, Louis has very young sisters.”, (x), (x), (x), (x), (x) & (x), (x), (x), (x) & (x), (x), (x), (x), (x) & Niall’s health concern, read all of it: (x).

Have control over clients’ very personal choices
Before I start I just want to make clear that I am in no way making any indirects to any ships, I am just stating facts.
(x) & (x) & (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x) and are they following the advice? NO & (x) & (x), (x) & stop watching when she starts talking about ships (x).

Reduce the contact between clients and their fans
(Ignore the Larry part) (x), (x), (x).

Try to milk the most money they can from fans
(x) speaking of ridiculous merchandise (x), (x).

Product placements
(x), (do not click in any links on the submission) (x).

Bad personal relationship with clients
(x), (x), (x), (x).

To end this, (x) but it was because back then he didn’t know that Modest! sucked because look (x)!

Conclusion: (x), (x), (x) & (x), Modest! Management don’t let their clients be themselves (x), (x), (x), they make their clients have a bad reputation and get hated on (x), they personally treat them badly, they treat clients’ fans like shit and they are too controlling over their personal lives, which means that One Direction need a new management team (maybe Ed’s? (x)).

The three important questions you should be asking yourself right now:

  • Why did 1D sign up with Modest! Management?

- Because they probably didn’t know that the entertainment industry works like this.
- Because, in case they knew that the entertainment industry works like this, they decided to trust Simon Cowell, in the sense that they might’ve thought “if Simon chose Modest! Management as the management team for all the TXF’s talents then it means that they are a trustable and good management team”.
- Because, in case they didn’t trust Simon right at the beginning, they didn’t read what was written in the contract because they were kids desperate for a record deal so they would sign whatever dotted line because all they wanted was to sing.
- Because, in case they didn’t trust Simon right at the beginning but did read the contract, they didn’t read it correctly (they might’ve not understood some of its terms and/or words, for ex) (x).

  • Why doesn’t 1D leave Modest! Management?

- Because management teams give clients relative timeframes and make promises that they end up breaking (x).
- Because, in case the first option isn’t the right one, (x) and we need to have in mind that Rebecca Ferguson’s case was an exception because she was mentally prepared (you need to be) and she wasn’t/isn’t as famous as 1D (which made her life easier), and lets remind ourselves that she STILL got in trouble with Modest! because they sued her for breaking the contract. A contract is a very serious thing, it isn’t easy.
- Because, in case neither of the other two options are the right ones, (x) & (x).

  • What can happen to 1D if they don’t leave Modest! Management?

- They will be very unhappy.
- They might start to believe the lies themselves (x).
- If they break (Louis has already broken once), they may develop depression or other psychological disorders that may lead to other issues (x). If they don’t break, it’s still not going to be pretty by the end.
- If Modest! has a plan worked out, they’ll just take control over the boys and once they’re neck deep in contracts they won’t be able to do much but watch the control of their lives slip away.

My advice to you if you’re thinking of going into the music industry:

  • Read every single thing you’re handed in carefully before you sign it.
  • Get a good and trustworthy lawyer to be always by your side and to explain you everything that you don’t understand about anything.

Tumblr’s motto: “Live how you think, not how you’ve been told.

**This post is in constant editing since we’re adding here everything that management does**

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