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Plan in the “About the Tumblr” in action! | Part 1


Click here to read the “About the Tumblr” | Part 1: Trending on Twitter “#DontSignWithModest!”

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A personal issue came up that will make me unable to try to trend it tomorrow and we received this message (I am so sorry). Do you vote on doing it tomorrow, doing it tomorrow but changing the time or on adjourning the date and changing the time?


Look at the profile of the girl LOUIS just followed.  Always in My Heart


Look at the profile of the girl LOUIS just followed.
Always in My Heart

Anonymous messaged:
Sorry I'm anon. But anyway, I've been getting into 1D only this year (and I'm really mad at myself because of that but whtvr), and I've been doing some researches about them so I can really know more about the band and I came across your blog and it literally broke my heart because I didnt even think about things like this? And from what I've read about Louis and stuff, he's the kind of guy who would go saying Larry is true on April fools just to have a laugh, but he actually (this is part 1)

(part 2 is here!!) he actually seems very angry about it and idk it just doesn’t match his personality? Or at least the one I’ve read about and watched some videos of. So this is basically what makes me believe in what you say here (?)?? I don’t know, I’m just really mad. I spent the whole day on your blog and it kinda fucks me up how I never really realized how dumb mgmt can be. I’m not saying Larry is real or whatever, I’m just highlighting the fact that what we get from the guys isn’t exactly what they are and people really need to stop with the hate towards them (especially Louis oh my god I’ve seen so many shit about him since I started blogging about them). Just ugh ugh ugh. I’m glad your blog exists, by the way. Thanks for spending so much time on it and stuff. (THIS IS PART 3 I’M SORRY IT IS SO LONG AND IT IS PRETTY MUCH JUST ME TALKING NONSENSE i guess).

No problem! Where does Louis seem angry about it, on Twitter? Because, once again, management have access to their Twitter accounts. Oh my god, thank you so, so, SO much! :D This Tumblr would not be the same without the input from people like you! Don’t worry about that. :) xx

Anonymous messaged:
I'm not a Larry shipper but even I'm starting to think it's actually real modest keeps deleting Harry and Louis' tweets obviously it isn't the boys they wouldn't delete tweets from 3 years ago in the middle of the night :/ and today they deleted more of their tweets

I informed myself on that and it didn’t happen to their accounts only, it happened to a lot of Twitter accounts, it was a problem Twitter faced. xx

Anonymous messaged:
Hey, I just wanted to notify you that the video you make a reference to in the first F.A,Q is on private and is not working. Can you tell us about what is happening in that video? xx PS. I love your blog so much. I knew modest was bad, but not THAT horrible. Never stop doing this! xx You're doing a great job!

Hello! It was Zayn talking to a fan he supposedly wanted to sleep with. Aww dkfjhnosqwertygHOBHNbFIj that makes me so happy, thank you so, SO much! :D xx

Anonymous messaged:
Can we talk about how wrong the video ad for That Moment is? and how Wrong this whole fragrance thing is?

If it is somewhat related to the Tumblr, sure, go ahead! xx

floralment messaged:
hi! i absolutely love your guys' plan. but i noticed that it's supposed to be at 12pm uk time. i'm from canada so that's 4am for me and as much as i'd love to participate, i don't think i'll be able to. would you guys be able to chance the time, so that more people from around the world would be able to participate? love your guys' tumblr btw and love everything you guys do xxx

Hello! The problem is that the date and time has been arranged a very long time ago, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to change it now. We’re going to do a post on that in a moment. Thank you so, SO much, for everything, thank you! :’) <3

Anonymous messaged:


Anonymous messaged:
I was reading you masterpost - hella comprehensive, I was so impressed. One question though, when did Louis break? sorry if this is annoying, I just don't recall what incident you're talking about. Thanks! xx

Thank you SO much and thank you so, SO much for taking your time to read it! :D The links are there, in the masterpost, right after I mentioned he broke. xx